Hi, My name is Patricia. I am A Bisexual, Exhibitionist House Wife. I have always been a free spirit since I was a teenager.  Flashing and taking my clothes off around friends and strangers has never been a big deal to me. It is always fun and exciting.  If it led to sex then all the better. I so enjoy sex.  I consider my self a “Tri-sexual” I will try anything once.

Several years ago my friends told me that I should have my own Adult Web Site. I guess because I am so open about my own sexuality. I have been featured in Hustler's Beaver Hunt and Naughty Neighbor's Amateur magazine as well as several Adult Internet sites.  I have even made a couple of adult movies.

I decided to listen to my friends and for a few years I had my own adult web site called “Cumin2xtc”  Yes I was XTC.

I had a fun time with the site, I loved doing the photo & video shoots and live web cast shows, but I had the most fun meeting my fans.  I actually met my fans in public and I have to admit I always got a kick out of how they treated me like some celebrity.  I always made a point of being who I was. I didn’t want to be one of those plastic look but don’t touch models.  My fans could actually touch and see for themselves that I was real.

I ended my official amateur porn star career after my boys started getting older.  I didn’t want them to find out what their mommy did for fun and I also wanted to keep my clean bill of health.

To my surprise I found out that the internet never forgets and the world wide web was not such a small world.  Not when the neighbors kid recognizes you, which was the first time I heard the term M.I.L.F.

I also found out that my fans never forgot who I was.

For several years I have been having fun on bike rides and going to biker events.  Being in the biker lifestyle has made being who I am all the easier and a lot more fun.

I still enjoy making people smile and do double takes when I am wearing something fun or flashing on rides and at bike events. I still think it is so cool when people want to take pictures of me or with me. I thought it was even cooler when fans who remembered my amateur porn star days.

I still get approached by guys and girls who tell me they know me from my adult web site. I even get fan mail where I still get so many request for my pix and videos.

So I figured what the hell, why not make another site and give my fans what they want.

Even though I do not do the porn shoots I still enjoy having fun pix taken and I still party now and then with friends and the occasional fan.

I created this site for my fans. Here they can find some of my old pix and videos along with some new stuff.

To those who are here for the first time, Hi, I hope you enjoy what you see. Like all my old fans already know. I am still 100% real and touchable and if you meet me you will find out for yourself I am what you see here. 

I still do meet fans in public and if you ride street bikes then there is a great chance we will actually meet.

You can find out more about me by checking out my stories about my true sexual adventures.

Please CUM INSIDE to see ME doing what I love doing best. I have 1000's of Pix and MPG's of me from Soft to Hardcore, you name it and if it's legal I pretty much tried it.







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