Sept 6th - 8th 2013


Important Announcement On The Run.

Due to the U.S. Forestry Service deciding to charge people to camp on BLM bare land with no amenities (like most park campgrounds have) so that they can make up for the states money problems, Riders may have to pay a minimal fee. The whole concept of the run was so that riders would not have to pay anything to come to this run. We are checking into seeing if and when the Forestry Service is going to start this practice. In the mean time the run is still on due to the gracious help of our friends in the “Wild Bunch.”



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This is the wild end of the summer run you have been waiting for!

These Old School Runs are becoming more and more hard to find. Rumors are over that the this Run may be coming to an end.   This means the Kern River Run may be one of the last of the true “old school runs” left in California. We & largely due to our friends are doing our best to keep this run alive. If you have never experienced what one of these runs are like, this is your chance while this one is still alive.  All Bikes Are Welcome. Adults Only. This is a Free Event.  No Drama, No one taking your hard earned money.. Just Riders Partying With Other Riders.

Tired of going to the same old corporate sponsored run with entry fees, the same old vendors, bike builders and most of all being told what you can or can’t do. Then join us this year for the 6th annual Kern River Run.

This runs history goes back to the 60’s and early 70’s when these runs were all about the ride and party at the end of the ride.  It like many runs was ended by pressure from those who didn’t get what it was all about. Lifestyle Rider  has brought this run back so those old bikers and new ones can experience those good old days.  We started out 7 years ago with 7 riders has now become an actual Biker Rally. Ask anyone who has attended this event or check out the pictures or read the runs review at the link above and it is clear that this is one of those runs that go back to the days of the “Old School Bike Runs.” With all the wildness and fun that goes on, there is never a word spoke in anger. Everyone has a good time. Everyone is just a biker there to party on the river with babes, sun and a cold one.  How hard can it be. We hope this run is continued to be respected for what it really is.

We have agreed to try and keep this run like it is has been in the past and not turn it into an event like Laughlin and sadly Hollister now. The number of riders grows each year by word of mouth as most runs like this tend to do. We will do our best not to promote this run, but try and keep it the same, but with a few new changes. Not to worry, they are all good changes that you have asked for.

This run is still a 3 day event. This gives riders more time to enjoy the river and also go on rides and check out what this area has to offer. Even though the run is for 3 days, Some of the “Wild Bunch plan on being at the campground on Tuesday the day after Labor day to insure that we have the same set up as we did last year. If anyone wants to ride up early then your welcome to camp out with us for the days leading up to the event. Last year we had an early turn out that was awesome. We appreciated the help and it was cool to get to know them during that time.

Some riders brought there own BBQ’s in chase vehicles and they cooked their own food. Or you can go to McNallys a mile up to the road to eat. Mc Nally’s has an awesome rustic restaurant and a burger stand that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. McNally’s also has a general store where you can buy beer, wine, ice and other items. There is a full market in the town of Kernville 14 miles from camp. Remember it is all about the ride and this will give you a chance to do just that.

 Like the past years we will have music & entertainment (as agreed by everyone last year, no bands this year). We are sure there will also be another type of entertainment like we have have every year at the campfire. In the past Patricia came up with the idea of having a dance pole and a wet t shirt contest that has been a huge hit as well as the courtesy of Dale n Lisa bringing their own touch to the run.  The ladies were painted up and then able to create some erotic art.

Once again there will be no vendors at the run. We have had some vendors call and we told them no, not on this run. One year one tried to slip in and was promptly shown the road.  It was put to the vote of the riders and it was clear. This event is about partying and having a good time. Not spending your money which is why we have no bands. We would have to pay the band by charging the riders and permits would have to be done which would really bring the eye of officials on this run. That is not going to happen.. Besides the music we play is all classic rock all the time (with some country mixed in). That and the live entertainment by the ladies is better then any band.

Every year we start the run at the Antelope Valley Harley Davidson. It is awesome riding out to the river and picking up riders along the way. While there were local So Cal. riders who did meet at the HD dealer in Lancaster, the majority of the riders (coming as far as Arizona, Oregon and Nevada) rode directly to the camp ground. So you don’t have to ride to the Harley dealer. Just ride out to the campground if you want.

This year we will be doing the same because of the feedback we got from the riders. So those who want to do the run are welcome to do so. The Run officially starts from the Antelope Valley Harley Davidson (1759 W. Ave. J-12, Lancaster) Friday at 8am and will end on the upper Kern river for camping 2 nights along the river (there is lodging close by for those who don’t want to do the camping thing). The run is 140 miles from Lancaster to the Calkins Flat campground.

If you can not make the run from the HD dealer in the morning then just ride out to the campground on the river when ever you can and from where ever you are. This year we along with Dale n Lisa will not be at the start of the run at the Harley Dealer so we are counting on past riders to guide the new ones to the camp.

The camping area is a fairly secluded spot on the shaded and sandy rivers beaches on undeveloped national forest land. This is not a government camp ground so you don't need to pay a fee or stop partying at 10pm. There is a general store, bar & restaurant and cabins a mile away and there is restroom facilities at the camping area (see the pix at the above link to see what the campground looks like). As I said before there is also a hotel close by (see below for more info.)

This is an Adults Only Run. No Children Allowed. All riders & bikes are welcome to join the run. This is a bike run, but if you do not have a ride for this run or you are a friend of one of the riders and you want to join the run as a support vehicle that is cool as long as you are just that. If you show up with an RV or toy hauler you won’t be turned away. We understand that some people can’t sleep on the ground. The campground parking is big enough to hold several RV’s & Bikes (see the pix at the link).

Per the request of the riders from past runs, NO PETS PLEASE.  Someone brought two dogs last year and they were running lose.  No one wants a cold nose in their crotch, especially the naked girls and no one wants to step in their little gifts they leave.

Please ask the ladies for permission if you want to take a photo of them.  It is the respectful thing to do and it has helped keep this run drama free.  Trust us, 95% of the girls are cool with it and are happy to have you take their photo.. But that one may not, as well as their significant guy.

This run is intended to get back to the old school biker runs. There will be no corporate sponsors to take your money. This run is open to everyone and with that in mind we ask that there be no drama. Just keep in mind what this run was intended to be.. Just a good time with other riders enjoying the river, the wild life and freedom.

The camp ground area is called “Calkins Flat” on the upper Kern River. It is 126 miles from Lancaster Ca. to Kernville (2 1/2 hrs.) and exactly 14 miles up river from the town of Kernville to the campground. There are no dirt roads except the 5 yrds into the camp from the paved road. (check out the maps and directions below).

So far, It is a no charge public area, with sandy beaches, lots of shade trees for pitching a tent under. You can have a fire pit there due to it being a designated firesafe area. There are rapids before and after the camp spot and the camp spot area has a deep and wide swimming hole with slow moving water so everyone can enjoy the water with no worries of being taken down river (check out the pix).

There is an area the size of a football field for parking the bikes off the paved highway (you may want to bring a pad for your kick stand or just a flat rock. It is a hard packed dirt area for parking).

There are port a potties and trash bins. This event is originated to be a tent only event, but if you have to bring an RV to make your lady happy then please park them at the south end of the parking area.

One mile from camp there is a general store for ice, drinks (soda, beer & wine only) and food etc, There is a burger stand and McNallys Steakhouse is famous for it’s 40 oz. stakes and they have a bar. Like last year, they know were coming and they are biker friendly. For those who were there last year know what I am talking about. The burger stand opens at 9am everyday for Breakfast. The burger stand closes at 5PM.

You can also pick up drinks (hard liqour), food (meat & chicken), ice, supplies, camping gear and what ever at the James Store in Kernville 14 miles from the camp ground. Their prices are about the same as down below if you forgot something or didn’t get any thing before leaving. (The general store at Mcnallys only sells beer and wine . James Store in Kernville sells everything else).

This should be a fun run. Like we are promoting it, this is a no frills, back to the basics old school bike run. It’s all about the ride and hanging out with other riders and having a good time. No stress, no fees, no promoters and no one telling you what you can or can’t do.

Those who attended in the last years had a great time. We enjoyed each others company and the partying on and in the river was awesome. It was cool to go from camp to camp and get to know one another. There were people partying, swimming, dancing and even cooking 24/7. The ages of the riders were from 21 to old school riders. It was cool to be told by the true old school bikers that were there in the old days that this event reminded them of those days and they were happy to see it coming back at this event.

We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. The whole purpose of this ride is to do just that...Ride. There are lots of awesome places to ride along the river including the town of Kernville and the short ride up through the giant sequioa’s.

If you are going on this run or if you have any questions please contact us at contact@lifestylerider.com so we can get an idea of how many people are planning to be there early in the week or on Friday for the ride out or who is riding up by them selves on Friday or later on Saturday.

We have had a few inquiries from people who prefer not to camp out, but instead stay at a hotel or in an RV for one reason or another. I have no right to preach to them or anyone about the whole concept of a true biker only camps out under the stars. That is a whole other discussion in itself.

 We are allowing R.V.’s in camp. Just park them at the south end of the campground away from the bikes and tents. There is plenty room for your RV (see campground map).

I have made some inquires to what is available in the area. McNally’s has 6 cottages, but you need to book them early.

I have made some calls and there is a new hotel called “Kern River Golden Trout Resort” that is on the river about 10 miles from the campsite. They have rooms available. I posted a link to that hotel and others that are in the town of Kernville below.

There are 3 hotels next to the Harley Dealer and several hotels and motels within a 1/2 mile of the Lancaster Harley Davidson store. For information on them please check the links below.

So once again If you are going no matter if your tenting or staying in a hotel then we would like to know how many to expect and when you are going so we can get an idea how many are going to ride out on Friday with us. Please contact us with that information or any questions at contact@lifestylerider.com

Meeting place at Antelope Valley Harley Davidson Lancaster Ca.

James Store Gateway Market & Gas Station in  Kernville.

Map of Calkins Flat Campground

Hotels in the Kernville area

Kern River Golden Trout Resort     (760) 376-6033 Close to the campground

Jawbone Canyon Store & Gas         32629 Hwy 14 Cantil Ca,              (866) 346-6274

Please refer to maps

Hotels & Motels Within a 1/4 MileTo The Lancaster Harley Davidson Store

Holiday Inn Express (661) 951-8848

Easy 8 (661) 945-9477

Oxford Inn (661) 949-3423

Spring Hill Marriott (next to the Harley Davidson Store)

There is a new Hamptons Hotel next to the Harley Dealer as well.

Link to Hotels In Lancaster Ca.

Mc Nally’s Restaurant, General Store & Cottages (760) 376-2430 click on the pic for their site.

There are 2 gas stations at the off ramp of Ave K & the 14 frwy. Please fuel up before leaving for the run with the group.

I am working on the 2013 Kern River Run Shirts & stuff at the sites store.

Shirts (several types for men & women), girls thongs, hoodies, tote beach bags, tumblers for your drinks, hats, stickers and more.  All our proceeds ($2.00 from each sale. The rest goes to the manufacture) go to keeping this site alive.

Click on the link for the store.






If your coming to the starting point in Lancaster at the Harley Davidson store then check google map for the address for  1759 W. Ave. J-12, Lancaster Ca. for directions (Just off the 14 Frwy at Ave. K).

From there or if your going directly to the camp ground check out the maps below or the directions below.

If your coming from L.A. take the 5 frwy North to the 14 frwy North. Stay on the 14 frwy through the town of Mojave.  Stay on the right lane as you drive through Mojave on hwy 14. You will curve to the right as you leave the town.  Stay on the 14 frwy toward  hwy 178.  (Do not take the 58 fwy to Bakersfield).

On the 14 Frwy. you will see Jawbone Canyon Store where we will stop for fuel. It is 47 miles from Lancaster. We will then drive through Red Rock Canyon.  Approx. 30 minutes from there you will see a sign & a big billboard that says Lake Isabella (Hwy. 178). Turn left on hwy 178.  (If you pass Ridgecrest you went to far).

Take hwy 178 for approx. 30 minutes to Sierra Way turn off. You will pass the towns of Onyx and Weldon. There is a market in Onyx. The gas station is now closed so we will get gas at the gas station just off the 14 frwy at the California City turn off .  (We will fuel at there and then in Kernville at the James Store for bikes with smaller tanks). The distance from the to James Store in Kernville is 78 miles. (If you are riding from the Ridgecrest area, you should get gas in Ridgecrest). If your coming from the north on the 395 then you should fuel in Pearsonville.  It is 60.3 miles from Pearsonville to the James Store in Kernville.

Stay on hwy 178 to Sierra Way. There is a big sign for the turn that will say Kernville. Make a right turn on Sierra way to Kernville.

Stay on Sierra way north for a few miles. You will drive along the lake to your left. Just past the lake is the town of Kernville. As you continue on Sierra way you will pass James Sierra Gateway Market (You can get supplies there later or at McNallys General store a mile from camp). From James Market it is exactly 14 miles to the Calkins Flat camp ground. You will ride along the river all the way to the camp ground.

There will be a large banner “Welcome Bikers Kern River Run” and a “Lifestyle Rider” banner at the camp ground on the left side of the road. If you pass McNallys general store and restaurant then you went to far go back 1 mile to the camp ground which is marked “Calkins Flat”.

Kernville is only 128 miles or 2 1/2 hours from Lancaster. There are gas stations & stores in the towns of Pearsonville, Ridgecrest, Cantil & Kernville. Calkins Flat Campground is 14 miles up river from the town of Kernville.

If you can't make the run from Lancaster, you can still ride out from where ever to join the run & party on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Calkins Flats CampGround