Adventures in House Sitting

AUTHORS NOTE: As with some of my stories, this submission is not intended to portray any character under the age of 18. However, I have deliberately omitted detailed descriptions, references to the age of each character in the story so that you can use your imagination to insert the respective persons, ages and physical attributes of your choice.

  When I was a teenager, I had my share of babysitting jobs to help make ends meet. Growing up in a small town in Pennsylvania there wasn't a lot to do, but I was the only one in my group of girl friends that could drive a car so we were able to drive to Pittsburgh to party.

   We all did what we could to get enough money to pay for gas and the party essentials. One night my friends and I planned on going to a concert. The only problem that we had was the fact that none of us had a car for that night. Well this is what brings me to this particular story.

   Most of my money making jobs at the time was babysitting and I had my regular families. Fortunately for me I got a phone call from Mr. Palino who asked if I was available to house sit for him. I use to baby sit for his 2 boys, but they were older now.

  He told me that he had to go away for the weekend on urgent  business and his wife was out of state visiting her sick mother. This meant leaving their two boys home alone.  He wanted me to stay at the house because he trusted me and he didn’t want his mischievous boys to get crazy and throw any wild parties.

  Now I have to set the stage for you so you can understand the history with this particular family. Mr.Palino is an attractive Italian man in his 40's married to a very nice woman. They have 2 boys, Tony and Paul. My family has known their family for a very long time and they trusted me totally with their children. I had babysat for them when they were younger, so we practically grew up together. They have a swimming pool and they would throw pool/barbecue parties every summer. Well I had always had fun babysitting his boys in the past and he payed well.

  Now Tony and Paul were older now and although I hadn’t received a call from Mr. Palino in awhile, I sort of understood why. I mean his boys were old enough to watch themselves, but Mr.Palino told me that he had left them alone once before and it was a big mistake.  So he couldn’t trust them to be left over the weekend alone unsupervised.

  He told me that he would make it worth my while money wise so I gladly agreed to housesit for him. With the money I was going to make from this job I could pay for the tickets and have a great time.

  We still had to work out the car problem though. I told my friends and they came up with the idea for me to ask Mr.Palino if we could borrow one of his cars. He had 3 of them, one being a cool Camero. I wasn’t sure how I was going to go about asking him, but I’d give it my best shot.

  He had let me drive his car before when I had to pick up his kids from their school so I knew there was a chance.

  It had been awhile since I had worked for him, but I still see them at pool parties and on my street. Mr.Palino always waves at me as he drives by or when I go by his house.

  Once I was washing my parent’s car in the driveway and I was wearing cut off jean shorts that had most of my ass sticking out of them and a bikini top. Mr.Palino stopped his car in front of my house and told me that I could wash his car anytime. He told me that I could be arrested for what I was or for better words not wearing. He had this look on his face that told me that If I was to walk over to his car and look in he’d be sporting a tent in his pants.

  He smiled and drove away wondering if I knew what was on his dirty mind. I had caught him checking me out before at his pool so I knew that he was interested and if push came to shove I knew of one way of getting him to let me borrow his car.

  I told my parents about my house sitting for Mr.Palino and that it would be an over nite job. They told me that I’d have my hands full with his 2 boys now that they have grown up. I told them that they had nothing to worry about and I would keep them in line. My mom laughed and told me that it would take a hellcat to keep a hellcat in line. I knew exactly what she meant.

   The day came for my adventure in house sitting so I packed up the things I thought I might need, like my makeup, clothes and swimsuit. Most importantly I included a girl’s best friend, my trusty vibrator. It had been awhile since my boyfriend and I split up and it had been that long since I’d had sex so I was going through sex withdrawals. If it weren’t for Mr. ever ready, I think I would have gone insane.

   Now foremost in my mind I had only one real goal in this job and that was to get Mr. Palino to let me borrow his car. I wanted to appeal to his weakness so I put on my cut off jeans and my bikini top with a white button down shear top over it. I knew this would get him.

   It was a hot day so if my mom asked me why I was dressed this way I would just tell them I was going to go swimming while I was there.

   I walked over to Mr. Palino’s house and I met him outside as he was packing his car. He saw me and his mouth was wide open as I walked up to him. I stood close to him as I helped him with one of the bags. I made sure that I bent over for him as I put the bag in the trunk. When I looked back at him, I caught him staring at my ass, still with his mouth wide open.

  I asked him if there was anything else I could do for him. He stuttered and told me no that was just fine. He gave me some money for food and a number where he could be reached. He told me that I could sleep in his room and to make my self at home.

  He said his good byes to his boys and told them that I was in charge and that if they got out of line I would call him and tell him. They swore they would be angels and for him not to worry. It was then that I got my first sign of trouble when Tony whispered something to Paul and they both giggled. Tony looked back at me and he had the same look that his father just had a few moments ago. I should have known then that this wasn’t going to be normal house sitting job with the Palino boys.

   The boys gave Mr. Palino a hug goodbye and I walked over to him as he was about to get in the car and I gave him a hug to. He held me tight and I told him that I would keep his boys in line. He told me that he hoped that I could, telling me that if they were anything like him I would have my hands full in more then one way.

  At that moment I wondered if I had bitten off more then I could chew.  Obviously his boys were horn dogs just like his father and now I would be in the same house with them for the weekend.

  As Mr. Palino held me, I felt his hand move down to my partially bare ass and he gave it a squeeze. I looked into his eyes and I gave him the best wicked smile I could.

  He got in his car and drove off. I turned to the boys and asked them what they wanted to do. They both said, at the same time, they wanted to go swimming and they asked me to join them. It was hot and I wanted to work on my tan so I agreed with them.

  I went into the house and I put my things in Mr. Palino’s bedroom. I had seen it before when I use to baby sit, but I never slept over and I was amazed at the size of the bed.  As I sat on it, I noticed that the mirrors on the bed and at the dresser were in perfect line of whoever was on the bed.  I wondered if Mr. and Mrs. Palino used them during their sex.

  I went out to the pool and found the boys already playing in the pool. I unbuttoned my shorts and wiggled out of them. They were so tight that my bikini bottom was cumming down with them. I grabbed them just as I turned around and caught the boys starring intently at me. I told them to behave as I stepped into the pool to cool off.

  I made sure I didn’t get my hair wet and asked them not to splash me. They both swam around me getting close to me. I held onto the side of the pool and tried to relax, but I knew that it wouldn’t last.

  The boys came over to me so close they were brushing up against me. Tony asked me if I had a boyfriend. I laughed and told him that I didn’t at the time. I asked him if he had a girlfriend. Just as he started to answer, Paul blurted out that Tony liked me. Tony slugged Paul and he turned red with embarrassment.

   He said Paul’s girlfriend was a Playboy magazine and his right hand. Paul totally got upset and threatened to tell me a secret about Tony. Tony quickly told him he’d better shut up or he’d really kick his ass. I told both of them to stop arguing or I would go inside.

  They promised they’d behave as I got out of the pool. As I stepped out of the pool and turned around and asked the boys if they were hungry for lunch.

   Now I suddenly realized that I may have made a bad choice in bathing suits. The one I was wearing was a thin white material that when wet exposed every inch of my body especially my pussy hair. I had a thin trimmed patch of black hair clearly visible thru my bottoms and 2 horny boys and no where to hide.

  They were finally speechless. I did my best by acting like nothing was wrong by saying “I guess you’re not hungry.”    I turned around I laid down a towel on the ground and began applying baby oil to my legs, arms and stomach.

   I laid out on my back as the boys continued to watch me intently. I realized what it felt like to be an animal in a cage at the zoo. Every now and then they would throw a water toy by me so I guess they could get a closer look at my half naked body.

  After awhile I rolled over and I undid my back strap so there wouldn’t be any tan line. I thought I’d give one of them a thrill so I asked which one of them would like to put some oil on my back. I heard them both say me, me, as they both rushed over to me.

  I saw Tony push Paul away from the bottle of oil. Tony poured half of the bottle on my back and began spreading it around. It normally didn’t take so long to put oil on my back, but I allowed him his moment.

  He slowly slid his greased hand back and forth on my back. I was wearing a very low cut bottom that was close to the crack of my ass. He moved his hand down to the trim of my suit and would slide a finger under it. He began to get more daring by moving his hand down to my side touching the side of my exposed breast. He continued to go back and forth from my back to my breast. It was apparent what he was doing and I had to hold back from laughing at how he wasn’t being subtle about it.

  Then he moved his attention to my legs. He again poured more oil on my legs. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I had already covered that area. He slowly moved his hands up and down my legs. Then without warning he moved his hand into my inner thigh and up to my crotch. I suddenly felt a twinge between my legs all the way up into my pussy. I realized that he was making me feel aroused.

  With every sweep of his hand on my inner thighs he got closer and closer to my pussy. I couldn’t believe how bold he was. At the same time, I felt a rush of ecstasy cumming over me. I instinctly began to gradually move my hips and then I unconsciously spread my legs slightly for him to where my legs were not touching each other.

  I closed my eyes as I felt his hand brush my pussy lips through my thin bikini bottom. I wondered if he could see any of the wisps of my pussy hair sticking out of the crotch area of my suit. When I caught myself giving out a moan, I regained my senses and told Tony thank you. I looked up at him and immediately noticed the huge hard on beneath his shorts. I gave him a smile and laid back down to finish my tan.

  Awhile later I got up and went inside to make lunch. I decided to make them something to eat as well.

   I walked out to the pool and I saw that the boys were no longer in the pool and I was wondering where they were.

  I made my way down the hall to their bedroom and I heard them talking thru the partially open door. I looked in through the opening and saw them changing their clothes.

   I caught sight of Tony’s cock and I was amazed at the size of it. He had to be 4" soft. I looked at Paul and he was slightly bigger. I stood there watching as they continued to dress and talk.

   I heard Paul asking Tony if he had seen my pussy hair. They were both amazed over this. Tony told Paul that was nothing compared to his touching it. Paul told him he was lying, but Tony insisted that he did and that he felt it through the material.

  He said that he made me move when he touched it. Paul asked me what my skin felt like. He said that it was so smooth and hot. Tony told Paul that he wanted to pull out his cock so badly and fuck me right there he couldn’t stand it.

  Just then Paul pulled out a Playboy magazine and showed Tony a page in it. He told Tony that he thought I looked like the girl in the picture. Tony said ohhh yah.   I was dying to see the picture to see whom I was being compared to.

   I noticed that Paul was getting a hard on. I watched in amazement on how hard and big he got. Tony started laughing at him and told him that he better control that snake. He told him that he better go in the bathroom and spank it.

  Paul said that at least his was bigger and that I would like his better than Tony’s. I wondered if they had ever beat off together and what I would give to see them do that. Just then the phone rang and I had to run to get it before they came out and caught me spying on them.

   I got the phone and it was Mr. Palino calling to let me know that he had just arrived at the hotel and wanted to know how things were going. As the boys walked up, I told him that everything was fine and the boys were being good. They gave me a sheepish grin as I told him that we had just finished swimming.

  Mr.Palino told me to enjoy myself and that he would be back on Sunday. I told him to have a good time and that he didn’t have anything to worry about.  He gave me the hotel number and what room he was in, just in case I needed to call.   After I hung the phone up, I told the boys that I made lunch for them.

  The boys and I sat around and talked about school and what they liked doing. The phone rang again and Tony answered it. It was his friends and he asked me if he could go over to their house and hang out.

  I told him that I couldn’t let him do that while his parents were out of town. I asked who they were. He told me that it was just Steve, Robert and his brother David. I had met Steve, Robert and David, his younger brother at a pool party before. They were all right boys and I thought that I had nothing to worry about.  I told him I didn’t mind if his friends came over to his house as long as they didn’t get out of hand. Besides maybe this would keep them busy.

  He told his friends that they could cum over and hang out. A short time later they were at the door and 3 of his friends came in. I thought it was strange how they were acting like they had already planned this or something.  They just stood there and acted silly just staring at me.

  I thought to myself that they must have all had a crush on me or something by the way they were looking at me and I thought it was sweet.  I didn’t think anything of it until I remembered that I was still wearing my bathing suit and this may have been why they were all smiles.

  They went to the boys room and I went back out to the pool to lay out some more.

  As I laid out, I wondered what the little nasty boys were up to. I imagined them looking at mens magazines and Paul and Tony telling the other boys of their sexual exploits with me. Of course they would change the facts a little with me skinny dipping in the pool and my letting them touch me.

  I got a little turned on over the fact that I had a house full of horny boys and all I had to do was blow on them and they would do anything for me.

  I thought to myself that since I was the oldest person here that I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. Besides Mr. Palino told me to make myself at home, so I took out a joint from my bag and I lit it up.

  I took some long deep hits off of it. In a few minutes I felt the relaxing effects. I rolled over on my back and I caught the boys checking me out through their upstairs bedroom window. I wondered how long they had been there.

  I didn’t know if they had seen me smoking a joint. I acted like I didn’t see them and I decided to give them a little thrill. I put oil on my hand and I spread the oil over all the important tanning parts.

  Then I slowly moved my fingers down between my legs and made sure that they had a clear view of me touching my pussy through the outer material of my suit. I began rubbing my pussy as I spread my legs for a clearer shot for them. I could only imagine what they were doing.

  I would later find out just what they were doing. I moved my hand behind me and I undid my top allowing me to move my top more freely. I laid back down and continued to massage my thighs for my audience.

  I then purposely sat up allowing the top to fall as I picked up my drink to take a sip. I grabbed my top and placed it back over my breast. I laid back down and continued to stroke my stomach and thighs. I laid out a little longer and then I got up and went in to check on them because they were just too quite.

  I walked upstairs and I found the house eerily quite.  As I stopped at their closed door, I could hear them talking, but I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

  I went into my bedroom next door and I took my suit off and put on my shorts and a tank top with no bra. I was pretty bored so I choose this moment to check out the Palino’s bedroom.

  I started with the drawers and I was pleased to find that Mrs. Palino had the same taste in vibrators. She had 2 of them. One was a sleek white one like mine and a larger one that you could put different attachments on the head and it had an electrical cord on it. I thought to my self what this one must feel like and I made a mental note to try it out later tonight.

  I went into the closet and I found Mr. Palino’s mens magazines. He had a stack of Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler magazines. I had never seen a Hustler one before, but I had heard how nasty they were. A friend of mines’ said her father had one and the girls were much more how you say “open” about sex.

  I looked through it and immediately understood what she meant. There were girls in there that had their legs spread wide open and the entire pussy exposed. I took one of them and laid on the bed and began reading a story in the letter’s section. It was about some guys who met a girl at a lake on a camping trip and they ended up all fucking her in every position and opening she had.

  I had to admit at the time I had a strong fantasy about being gang banged by the football team or in a bar full of horny drunk guys. As I laid there, I undid my shorts and slid my hand down them and I began playing with my wet pussy. I fingered myself faster and faster as I got to the part where they all began to cum in her and on her. I laid that magazine down and I closed my eyes and began fingering myself to a shattering orgasm.

  Just then I heard the boy’s door close and a knock at my bedroom door. I jumped up and as I buttoned up my shorts the door opened and Tony and his friends were standing there. I had a flushed look on my face as I told them that they shouldn’t just open the door like that.

  Tony apologized but he said that his parents’ told him to knock before cumming in and he just thought . . . At that moment the boys all looked toward the bed and saw the open Hustler magazine on the bed. I quickly went over and picked it up. Tony laughed and said “so you found my dads stash huh.” He told me that he already knew about them and that it was cool that I was checking them out.

  One of the boys said he didn’t know that girls looked at them too. I explained that I girls are interested in sex just like boys. I asked Tony if he was going to say anything to his father about me snooping around in his room. He said that he wouldn’t if I would do something for him.

  Well I wondered how long it was going to take to get to this, but I nervously said that it all depended on what it was. He asked if his friends could spend the night. I was surprised, but still nervous about the request.

I remembered what Mr. Palino had said about his sons getting crazy and throwing a party while he was gone and this was the reason why I was there. I thought to myself that as long as I was there what could happen.

   I asked them if their parents knew that his parents were out of town. They all chimed in and said that their parent’s didn’t have to know that. Tony said they stay over all the time and they all promised to behave. Then David said “besides as soon as we heard you were going to be here we all decided it would be cool to stay over.”  Tony hit David in the arm and told him to shut up.

  I thought about it for a second and I figured that maybe they would keep themselves occupied and I wouldn’t have to entertain them too much. I told them that I would agree only if they listened to me and that his father never found out. They all promised and were happy as could be.

   The boy’s friends all left to go home and tell their parents. A short time later they all returned with sleeping bags and smiles. I don’t know how they did it but no parent called to confirm that it was ok to stay over with the Palino parents. All the families knew each other and they probably thought noting of it.

  After the boys got their stuff settled in the boys went out to Tony and Paul’s party room out back while I called my friends on the phone to chat with them uninterrupted.

  I told them that everything was going according to plan for getting the car for the concert. I told them what I had to do to weaken him. They all went crazy when I told them that he squeezed my ass. They all agreed that he was a very handsome man.

  They asked me about the boys and I told them that they were not being jerks so far. I didn’t dare tell them about the pool stuff or their catching me checking out a Hustler magazine. Especially the boys having their friends stay over with just me there.

  As the day was cumming to an end, I asked them what they wanted for dinner. They all wanted pizza which was fine with me. The pizza came and went and I thought that all of this was way too easy. Here I was taking care of a household of 5 boys. I wondered if this was all that it took to be the wife of the house.  Then again the night was far from over.

   After dinner the boys asked me what kind of games I liked to play. I told them that I was too old for games, but they should watch some T.V. or play their Atari games while I took a shower to get the pool chlorine off of me.

  The boys went into the family room while I went upstairs to take my shower. I made sure that I locked the door this time so the little horn dogs didn’t surprise me again. I went into the master bathroom that had this big oval bathtub in front of a big window with no shades.

  The Palino’s didn’t have any neighbors behind them, but instead they had a view of the Allegheny river. I could see the lights on the steel barges going bye and the glow from Pittsburgh off in the distance.

  As I undressed, I fantasized about what it would be like to live in a house like this when I was married with my own kids.

  I decided to take a bath instead so I ran the bath water and added some bubbles to get that total high class effect. As I stood there in the nude I looked out the window every now and then just to make sure the side neighbors couldn’t see me and have a heart attack.

  I slipped into the tub and relaxed in the warm water. As I laid there, I couldn’t help but slightly touch myself and think about the boys cocks that I had seen earlier.  As I fingered myself to a climax, I slowly came back to reality.

  After what seemed like I had been in the tub for hours I got out and dried off. I went into the bedroom and put on one of Mr. Palino’s mens buttoned down shirt and my panties. I always slept in panties and a T shirt and I had always wanted to wear a mens shirt after seeing a movie with a woman wearing one. I thought that it looked very sexy. I figured it was no big deal. Keep in mind that I don’t have any brothers, just a sister.

   When I went down stairs, I suddenly realized that maybe my choice of night wear might not have been a good idea. The boys suddenly got quite and just stared at me. Then one the boys started giggling. I thought about going back up to change, but I figured I give the boys a little thrill, besides I didn’t bring any other kind of sleep wear.

   I asked the boys what they were up to. Tony told me that they were bored and wanted to play a game with me. I looked at the clock and it was 900 P.M. so I knew that telling them no that it was too late was out of the question, but they did agree to getting changed for bed if I agreed to play a game with them.

  They all went upstairs to the boy’s room and soon returned with some of them in pajamas and some in “T” shirts and under ware. I expected them to say that they wanted to play strip poker, but they choose a board game to my surprise.

  We all sat on the floor and played trouble. As we played we all had our legs crossed and I wondered if my panties were visible to Tony who sat across from me. I had to figure they were because Tony and the 2 boys sitting next to him kept starring at my crotch. I had to laugh inside because I must have been leaving them a lifetime memory.

  I could see Tony’s soft cock sticking out of his boxer under ware. I couldn’t help it, but I also had to check the other boys out. Robert whispered something to Tony and he said not now, I asked him what the big secret was. They all looked at him and he asked me if I minded if they could smoke a joint.

  I was stunned. I couldn’t believe these guys were smoking pot. I told him that his father would kill me. Robert said “well we saw you smoking pot by the pool. If you can why can’t we. He had a point.

   I gave in and Tony ran to his room and back in seconds with 4 thick hand rolled joints. He lit them up and passed them around. Everyone took hits off of it and after the second one was half way done we could feel the effects. Tony must have a good allowance because it was great pot.

  After awhile playing the board game got boring as well. Then one of the boys (Steve) asked if we could play truth or dare. Now I was curious as to what these boys had in mind. We were all feeling high so I agreed to play and Steve started it.

  He said “Patty, truth or dare.” I chose truth. He asked me if I had ever had sex. I laughed and told him yes. That was an easy enough one. Then I asked Steve “truth or dare.” He chose truth. I asked him if he had ever kissed a girl before and relatives don’t count. He said that he had.

  Then some of the boys questioned his honesty. I asked Steve to prove it. If he had, I would know it. I asked him to kiss me. He was first hesitant and shy, but after some pushing by his friends he leaned over and planted a soft kiss on my lips then at my surprise he slipped his tongue into my mouth and slowly tickled my tongue. I returned the gesture by wrapping my arms around him and giving him a deep tongue job. I sucked his tongue into my throat. As If it was his cock.

  When I released his tongue, he pulled his head back with his eyes still closed. He stayed that way like he was frozen. He finally came back to reality when I told everyone that he wasn’t lying. He had kissed a girl before.

  Tony blurted out asking me truth or dare Patty. I chose dare. He dared me to take off my shirt. I laughed and told him no way. All of the boys told me that I had to it was part of the game. I told them that I would get in trouble if I did because they would tell everyone. They promised that they wouldn’t and then Robert said they had already seen them while I was in the bath, but they wanted to see them up close.

  My mouth dropped open. I asked him what he was talking about. David hit Robert in the arm telling him he had a big mouth. I told them there was no way because I had locked the bedroom and bathroom doors.

  Tony confessed with a big grin saying that as soon as I had gone upstairs they all went to the play room outside and went up on the roof because they knew that they could see inside the bathroom through the window.

  I shook my head and called them dirty little peeping toms. They all began to apologize thinking that I may tell on them or get up and leave. I started laughing and told them that they were the horniest boys I had ever met.

  I told them that If I did take off my top that they had better never tell anyone. They all promised. I began to unbutton my shirt as they all had big smiles and wide eyes. I removed my shirt exposing my breast to them. All of them made inspirational comments which made my small breast feel huge.

  I think “wow” was used the most. My being nervous by all of these virgin boys looking at me like I was a goddess set me at ease and it began to arouse me.

  I felt my nipples getting hard. The cold air in the room didn’t help any. I said ok that’s enough and began to put my shirt on when they all began to beg me to please leave it off. I reluctantly agreed if they too took their shirts off. I didn’t feel so uncomfortable then.

  They all quickly stripped their shirts of. Then it was my turn. I asked Paul “truth or dare.” Paul took a big gulp and said truth. I asked him if he had ever played with himself. He looked around the room and then at Tony and said that he had.

  All the guys started laughing and he began to really get embarrassed until I said that it was the sign of a man who did that. Then the laughing stopped. Steve amazingly confessed that he also jerked off on occasion. And then the rest of them joined the club by saying that they all had from time to time.

  Paul looked at me and said “truth or dare.” I chose dare half knowing what he was going to ask me. He asked me if he could see my pussy. I thought about it and told him sure, I got up and took him by his hand and began walking him out of the room. He had this dumbfounded look on his face.

  I took him into the down stair’s bathroom and I sat him down on the toilet. I locked the door and turned toward him. He had a look of being excited and frightened on his face so I told him to relax and gave him a soft kiss on his lips.

  I whispered to him that I was doing this because he was so nice and honest. I pulled down my white cotton panties and stood completely naked in front of him. He starred at my pussy as if it was the meaning of life.

  I asked him if he had ever seen one before. He said that he had only seen them in the magazines. I asked him if it was what he expected. He shook his head and said no, this was amazing. I asked him what magazines he liked better Playboy or Hustler. He said Hustler because it showed everything.

  I sat on the sink and spread my legs wide for him. I reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart. I asked him “like this.” His mouth dropped open. He said “oh my . . . ” I told him that he could cum closer for a better look. He got really nervous and said no I can see real good from here.

  I understood when I looked down and saw that he had a raging hard on. It was so hard it was sticking out from the slit in his boxers. He put his hand over it and I told him that it was ok, I told him that I thought he had a beautifully big cock.

  Before I knew it I stood up and went over to him and kneeled down in front of him. I took his hard dark colored cock in my hand and I felt it pulsating in my warm hand. His body jerked and I thought he was going to jump out of his skin. I told him to relax.

  I asked him if this was ok. He was speechless. Without another word I leaned forward and licked the head of his cock. I could taste his pre cum and I knew that it wouldn’t take much to make him cum. I wrapped my lips around his pulsating cock and took all of it down my throat slowly. I came up on it to the head. I swirled my tongue around it and quickly swallowed it again.

  As I came up the second time, I put my hand around it and moved it up to the head stopping at my lips. Suddenly his body shook. I heard him say something like oh shit or something and I knew what was cumming. Him.

  He shot his hips up and he blew his sweet load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop. His body continued to shake as I squeezed the last drops out. I opened my mouth letting him see the last drop on my cum soaked tongue.

  He told me that he couldn’t believe what I just did. I asked him if it was ok. He said no way it was great. I told him that he couldn’t tell anyone. He said he promised. As we straightened up, we heard banging on the door.

  As we opened the door, I saw all the boys looking in to see what we were doing I just walked past them smiling holding Paul’s hand.

  I sat down on the living room floor in just my panties. I looked at Paul as he came into the room. He had a huge smile on his face. The other boys were begging him to tell them what we did. Paul didn’t say a word and sat down next to me.

  The other boys slowly sat down begging me to tell them. I told them that a lady never tells. They asked me if I showed him my pussy. Paul just smiled. Tony asked if I did why don’t I show everyone. I told them because Paul was the one who asked and he was honest about jerking off. And he asked to have me show him not everyone.

  Tony said, hey I jerk off all the time will you show me now. I laughed and told him it wasn’t his turn.

   I looked at Steve and I said truth or dare, he said dare. I told him to take his under ware off. He turned bright red and shook his head no. All the boys told him that he had to. He looked at me and said that if he did, would I. I told him that he would have to wait his turn.

  He stood up and pulled down his under ware expose a soft 3" cock. He was bright red as he sat down as he covered it with his hand. He looked at me and said ok your turn truth or dare and you better say dare. I laughed and said truth.

  They all got totally bent and said no way. I told them it was my choice and I chose truth. Steve said ok, what did you do in the bathroom with Paul.

  Well I didn’t think about that, I thought for a minute and looked at Paul and he was still all smiles. I figured that Paul would tell eventually that night, so I told them that I took my panties off for him. I let him see my pussy and I even gave him a Hustler shot of my pussy.

  They were all dying saying no way. Before I could finish the rest of the story Paul suddenly and proudly blurted out “then she sucked my cock and I came in her mouth.”

  The room got totally silent. Then Tony said no way that he was lying. They looked at me and I just licked my lips in confirmation to his story. They were still speechless. Until I said “and he was sweet tasting too.” Tony said oh man please tell me your joking. I can’t believe you sucked his cock now I’ll never hear the end of it.

  I looked at Tony and said ok truth or dare. He looked at me and said dare. I told him to take his cock out and stroke it. He told me that he would do it for me in private. I told him no that he had to do it here.  He told me that he would only if I would suck his cock. I laughed and told him lets see you do it first.

  Tony quickly pulled his simi hard cock out of his boxers and began stroking it. He told me ok now suck it. I couldn’t believe how sexually forward he was about all of this. I told him that I never said that I would. He stopped and called me a prick tease.

  Now this was fighting words to me. I never considered my being a prick tease. He told me all right, truth or dare. I said dare. He told me to take off my panties so that everyone could see my pussy. I laughed and told him sure, I thought you were smart. You could have told me to suck your cock, but you didn’t. Tony hit his head with his hand in frustration.

  I stood up and slowly pulled down my panties exposing my nicely trimmed patch. I ran my hands over my hips and around to my pussy running my fingers through the hair. Tony said ok lets really see your pussy. Spread your legs like you did for Paul.

  I turned around showing them my ass and I bent over touching my ankles. I looked back at Tony and I moved one leg out spreading my pussy apart. I asked him “like this.” They all said oh yah, just like that.

  I moved one hand up my thigh and in between my legs spreading my pussy apart. I was feeling high and horny and I could feel my pussy getting wet thinking about what I was doing for these boys. I stood up straight and sat down on the couch. I suddenly realized that I was stark naked in a room full of horny boys. Most of them whom I had grown up with.

  Tony asked me if he could touch my pussy. I told him that it wasn’t his turn. He said enough games. He had this wild look in his eye as he moved toward me. I could see his cock, which was still out, growing harder every second. I looked over at Steve’s and he too had a hard on.

  I suddenly felt that I started something that I might not be able to get out of. I told Tony that we were only playing and if his father or anyone found out what we were doing we could get in trouble.

  Tony looked at the other boys and asked them if they’d tell. They all said no way they would tell anyone. I laughed and said yah right. As soon as you see your friends your going to brag to everyone what we did tonight.

  I told them that I thought it was time for bed. Steve said ok lets go to bed, all of us in your bed. This only got them even more fired up.

  Then Tony said that he had a great idea. He ran upstairs and a few minutes later returned with a video tape and put it in the VCR. My curiosity ended when I saw that it was a porno movie. It was 2 girls who brought their car into an auto shop.  

I looked at Tony and asked him where he got this at. He said his dad has a huge collection. I looked at the boys who were glued to the screen watching these girls getting these mechanics all hot and horny. They were obviously having the same effect on the boys.

  Paul looked at me and asked me if there watching this bothered me. I told him no, I’ve seen porno’s before.

  It didn’t take long for the girls to get naked. I waited to see the guys get naked, but the girls started playing with each other. The one girl got in a convertible and laid back over the back seat while the other girl pleasured her.

  Steve asked me if I liked that. I told him that I did. He asked me if I had ever done something like that before. I told him that I did but it wasn’t in a car shop. He laughed and asked where and who it was. I told him that it was at my house in my bedroom, but I couldn’t tell him who it was.

  I suddenly felt his hand rubbing my leg. I thought about pushing him away, but I knew this was way too far to stop now. I was high, horny and outnumbered. Besides I was curious as to what these boys could possibly know about sex.

  As the movie progressed into the guys stripping and paring off with 2 guys to each girl, I saw that this was really getting them hot. I saw them beginning to rub their crotches. I saw that they were sporting hard on’s under their under ware.

  Steve still had his cock out and he was stroking it. I was amazed at the fact that these boys weren’t afraid to show their cocks in front of each other. I wondered if this was the first time for them to do this. Did they watch porno’s together and jerk off to them?

  This made me even wetter. They all began to get closer to me. Steve’s hand was soft and warm on my leg and it made it even harder to fight off the urge to submit to whatever they had in mind.

   I unconsciously began touching my breast as I watched 2 men fucking one of the girls. One was fucking her pussy hard while the other guy was having his big cock serviced by this nasty blond. I looked around the room and I noticed that the boys were watching me and not the movie.

  Tony moved over to the couch and sat next to me. He put his hand on my breast and began rubbing it. His touch was electric. He pulled on my erect nipple and rolled it between his fingers. I thought that maybe these boys did know how to please a woman.

  Tony was doing great so far. He slowly moved his hand down my stomach to my pussy and he slid his hand between my thighs. I instinctly spread my legs as I continued to watch the fuck fest in front of me.

  Suddenly I regained my senses and I told him to stop. Tony told me that if I didn’t he would tell his father that I smoked pot while I supposed to be keeping them from doing that. I couldn’t believe he was trying to black male me. I told him that he wouldn’t believe him.

  Then he told me that he had taken pictures of me while I was at the pool. He said that they all watched me touching myself and smoking a joint. I knew that they were there and I knew that they had me.

  I told Tony, “you wouldn’t dare.” Tony said that he would show me the camera. I looked at him and told him that he wasn’t being very nice. He then said that it wasn’t nice to be a cock tease. Well he was right. I hated that word.

   I looked at all of their horny faces and asked them what they had in mind. Tony asked me if he could touch my pussy. I asked him if he ever had before. He looked at his friends and confessed that he hadn’t. I asked them all if they had ever been with a girl before. They all said that they hadn’t.

  I thought about it and figured it would probably be better if they learned from a girl then from some guy who didn’t know shit or a porno movie with terrible actors and scripts. Besides I was feeling horny and high from the pot and the thought of all of these horny hard cocks was too much to pass on.

  I told them that they had to swear not to tell anyone because if they did we would all get in trouble. They all promised as they shook their heads like puppy dogs.

   I laid back in the couch and spread my legs. I took my hand and put it on my pussy. I told them that I would show them how to touch and make a girl feel good. As I closed my eyes, I could still hear the music in the movie.

  I slid my finger in between my pussy lips and began slowly fingering myself. I brought my finger out just enough to rub my clit and then quickly insert it back in. My breathing increased as I moved my finger faster and harder. I used my other hand and played with my breast.

  I couldn’t hold back and I let out a cry of pleasure. One of the boys said “no way, this is too hot.” I opened my eyes as I brought my finger up to my mouth and licked off my cum that coated my finger.

  David, the shyest one in the group, said “what is that white stuff.” I told him that girls can cum to you know. Then I asked Tony to give me his hand. I brought it to my pussy and I began inserting his middle finger. I told him to go slow and not to cut me with his finger nail.

  Robert looked at his fingernails and I told him yes you need to keep you nails trimmed if your going to pleasure a woman. I held Tony’s hand in place as he fumbled with my pussy.

   I told him that he needed to keep a steady pace and respond to what the girl is doing. If I start to breathe heavy and move my hips to your finger then your on target. You can slowly increase the speed as she gets more excited. It’s the same way when you use your tongue. You need to keep a steady rhythm and don’t do it like your trying to dig for gold. Nice and easy in the beginning and build up to a climax.

  Before I could say anymore, Tony hit the spot and I began to moan with pleasure. He asked me if he was hurting me. I grabbed his arm and told him not to stop. He continued to finger me to an orgasm.

   I laid back and closed my eyes as my body shook. I couldn’t believe that this boy was giving me such pleasure. I opened my eyes and I looked around the room and saw the amazed look on their faces.

  I gained my composer and told them that this was the way to take care of a woman. I pulled his gooey finger out and I let them all see my cum on his fingers.

  Then I put it to my lips, but before I could lick it off, Tony asked me if he could taste it. I said sure and he put it in his mouth. He licked off all of my goo and pulled it out telling me that it tasted sweet.

   Steve told me that he wanted to do it next. As he put his finger in my pussy, Tony began kissing me hard. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I thought he was going to feel Steve’s finger. I pulled away and I told Tony kissing me should be just like how he fingered my. Soft at first and then build up to the deep stuff. I told Steve to slow down and not so far up me. Steve continued to finger me, but not so deep.

  Tony continued kissing me and we played with each others tongue. Tony stopped kissing me and he stood up on the couch and he pulled his hard cock out and put it in front of my face. I knew that there was no getting around it so I took his cock in my hand and I began licking the head of it.

  He grabbed the back of my head and he shoved it into my mouth. I started to gag as it hit the back of my throat. I tried to pull away but he held it in place as his hips began bucking forward.

  As he fucked my face, all I could do was swallow my saliva from keeping from gaging on it. I could hear Steve telling him to give it to me. I finally was able to pull his cock away. As he pulled out it left a big stream of spit attached to his cock and my lips.

  I told him to slow down or he would lose his load before he could enjoy himself. I took his cock and I began to stroke it with ease from all of the spit on it. I went to the base of his cock to the head as I placed my open mouth around the head. I continued to do this as I would tongue it off and on.

  As I took care of Tony, Steve took off his under ware and tried to position himself to fuck me. I grabbed his rock hard cock and I rubbed it on my wet pussy coating the head in my cum. He pushed forward sliding it in with ease. He immediately began fucking me like a bunny rabbit.

   I took Tony’s cock out of my mouth long enough to tell Steve to slow down, do it just like he used his finger. I went right back to sucking on Tony. Steve slowed down for a little while but he went right back to fucking me fast. I guess he was so excited he couldn’t help it. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came.

  I heard Tony start to moan and I felt his pre cum on my tongue. I knew that he was about to give me a hot load so I took his cock deep into my mouth and sucked hard. Tony began to shake and his body tensed up as he flooded my mouth with his liquid. I swallowed as much as I could, but I couldn’t hold it in. I felt his warm cum dripping down my lips and onto my chest. I pulled his cock out and I finished him off by jerking him off. He shot a few more spurts of cum hitting my tongue. I licked him off making sure I got every drop of his cum.

  I turned my attention to Steve as he began to breathe heavily. He told me that he was cumming. I told him that I wanted to see his cum, but before he could pull out he shot his goo inside me. He pulled out and shot a pool of hot cum on my stomach. I grabbed his cock and I pulled him up to my mouth and I sucked the rest of his cum out of his throbbing cock. He gave out a cry as I drained his tool. He pulled out and collapsed on the floor.

  As Tony sat on the couch next to me with a big smile on his face, I looked at Robert, David and Paul. I asked them what they had in mind. Robert turned bright red and giggled while Paul asked if he could fuck me and David just pulled his under ware off.

  I pulled Paul over to me and I pulled down his under ware. I stroked his cock and I gave him a wet kiss.

  I told Robert to sit on the couch which he quickly did. I pulled down his under ware exposing a nice little 4" hard stiff cock.

  I told Paul to get on his knees behind me and fuck me. He moved into position as I began sucking on Robert’s and David’s cock. I greedily took turns licking their cocks down to their balls as Paul tried to stick his cock in me.

  He tried shoving it in my ass and I had to reach back and slid it into my wet gooey cum filled pussy. He began fucking me with slow deep strokes. I knew that Paul had been paying attention. I thought to myself that Paul was going to be a great lover when he got older.

   I continued to suck on Robert as I began to move with Paul’s rhythm. Suddenly with no warning Robert shot his load into my mouth. I felt it hit the back of my throat. It caught me off guard and I gagged on it as I swallowed it down. He said that he was sorry as I picked my head up. I gave him a wet kiss and told him that I loved every bit of it. I told him that he was great and he tasted wonderful.

  A few seconds later Paul gave out a grunt and pulled out as he shot his cream on my ass and the back of my legs. I reached back and spread his cum into my skin and I felt it between my fingers. It was gooey and warm. I took it to my mouth and I licked it all up. I told them that I loved the taste of cum as I licked it out from between my fingers.

  I turned my attention to David’s cock. I gave him my patent wet stroke blow job bringing him to a gushing burst of hot cum on my face. I took his cock and rubbed the cum off my face. I licked the cum off of it making sure to get every drop.

   Tony leaped up and got in behind me and stuck his once again hard cock into my pussy. As he did this Steve moved in front of me and I worked on his getting his cock hard again. I could still taste our mixture of cum on his shaft.

  It didn’t take long before his cock was hard again and he was bucking his hips up into my face. I tried to get a rhythm going with them, but they were like animals. They were fucking me like they just got off a desert island for 7 years with no women.

   I decided to just concentrate on Steve and sucked him off. I stroked his shaft as fast as I could. I only stopped to coat it with spit for lubrication. Every time he would look like he was about to cum I would pull it back and open my mouth to ensure a good target for him.

  Then I heard Tony start to grunt and his body lurched forward. I could feel another hot flood of cum rushing into my pussy. I could feel it hitting my pussy walls. He continued to fuck me and I could feel it slid in and out of me with more ease with his fresh spunk oil. I could feel his cum running down my legs with every time he pulled back.

  Then Steve gave out a load moan as he shoved his cock into my face. I grabbed it so it would shoot on my face so he and the rest of the boys could see it. He squirted a blast of goo on my lips and then another one on my nose. The first one was very thick, and it covered my lips and chin. I looked at the boys and I licked my lips off slowly. I stuck out my tongue holding a glob of goo on it. I swallowed his spunk with a smile on my face. It tasted salty as it went down.

  We all laid on the floor totally spent as if we just finished running a marathon. I asked them if it was all they thought it would be. I got a unanimous yes.

  As I laid there like a glazed donut they asked me if they did it right. I told them that they did great for their first time. They need to work on being patient with the girl and not be in a hurry to get off. I told them that practice makes perfect and the girls would appreciate their patience.

  Tony said that he wasn’t tired and he was ready to go again. I patted him on the head and told him that this didn’t mean he could fuck me whenever he wanted to.

   I realized the movie was still on and I told the boys to not watch these and believe them because it doesn’t happen like this every day. I also told them that some girls are different and they may not do the same things that I do. Especially when it cums to cum.   I told them that I just so happened to love it. They said that they could tell and they had never seen that before.

  I got up and told them that I was calling it a night and for them not to stay up late. As I stood there, I felt a flow of cum oozing out of my pussy and onto my thighs. I put my hand between my legs and felt the gooey mess. I pulled my hand up and ran the mixture of cum through my hand. I told them that I needed another shower.

  As I walked upstairs, I heard Steve tell me to sleep tight. I looked back to them and I thanked them for an interesting evening.

   I started to close the bedroom door then I told myself what for now they had pretty much had seen everything.   Besides maybe one of them might get the idea to cum in while I was asleep and give me a good fuck wake up.

   I decided I would just wash my face off. It was beginning to crack with the dry cum. I looked in the mirror and saw white caked stains of cum on my face and chest. As I washed off, I smiled thinking about what I had just done.

  I crawled into bed and as I laid there playing with my cum soaked pussy, I realized that I had just been gang banged by 5 horny boys. I ran the moment through my mind as I fingered myself to a lip biting orgasm before I drifted off wondering how I was going to deal with these sex crazed boys tomorrow.

  I woke up around 10:00 a.m. to a surprisingly quite house. I got up and took a shower and put on some makeup. I put on a robe and went into the boy’s room and found them still asleep.

  I went down stairs and made some coffee and relaxed until I heard them stirring up stairs. The boys came down stairs and they looked at me and just smiled.

  I asked them what they wanted for breakfast. They asked for eggs and bacon and while I was making it for them, Tony asked me if I was ok about last night. I told him that I was, but only if they kept it to themselves. They all agreed and told me that no one would believe them anyway.

  The day was actually fairly nice and they didn’t bug me like I thought they would. There was some grabbing in the pool and Tony and Steve did their best at trying to feel me up, but I let them understand that last night was just a fun time and that was that.

  I did however suck Paul off again in the play room while the other boys were in the pool.  I just thought that he was the nicest of them all and he didn’t bug me as much as the others did.

  Tony asked me if I would let him take some pix of me and I reluctantly agreed. He took some pix of me in his room and some by the pool. I even took a pix with all the guys around me with me naked by the pool. 

  I told them to keep the photos to themselves, but I sort of knew that they would be flashing them around to their friends.

  Mr. Palino called and asked how things were going. I told them that his boys were great. He asked me if I was at the right house. I laughed and told him that we had a fun time. He told me that he would be home a day early and around 9:00 P.M.. and I told him that I would be looking for him then.

  I told the boys that their father would be home a day early. I was a little disappointed, but not as much as they were.  I could tell that they had a lot more sex planned for tonight and now it was a bust.

   I had to admit that I too was looking forward to a little more fun tonight, but maybe it was for the best.  I didn’t want them to think they could fuck me anytime they wanted.

  As the day wound down Steve, Robert and David went home, but not before I gave them all one last blow job where they all came in my mouth. I gave them a big wet kiss good bye. Steve told me that I could house sit at his house anytime. I laughed saying I think my house sitting business is going to get busy from you guys.

  I made dinner for Tony and Paul and after dinner they both asked me if would fuck them one last time before their dad got home. I agreed, but only if they did it at the same time. They gladly agreed.

 Around 7:00 P.M. I went to the boys room to let them fuck me one last time. Tony and Paul took their clothes off.   Tony told me that he wanted to take pictures of him and his brother fucking me.  I told him that I didn’t think that was such a great idea.  He pleaded with me until I gave in telling him that I would kill him if they got around.

  Paul jumped in bed with a hard on. I chuckled at his cock bouncing and throbbing.  Tony sat the camera up in the corner of the room on a tripod.

   I was starting to have second thoughts and I told them that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea because their father may cum home early. They told me that they would be quick. It wasn’t the best thing to tell a girl, but they looked like sad puppy’s so I pulled up off my dress and climbed on top off Paul’s pole.

  It just so happened that I was wearing panties just for his dad so it made for easy access. I faced Paul so that the camera had a clear view of Paul’s cock going into my wet pussy as Paul fucked me.  Tony began taking pix while his brother fucked me.  Paul met my pussy every time I came down on his cock.

   I looked over my shoulder and saw that Tony was jerking off starring at his brothers cock going in and out of my pussy. I reached back and helped Tony jerk off. Then to my surprise Tony came in my  hand leaving a thick gob of cum in my hand. I squeezed all of his seed out and then I took my hand and lubricated Paul’s cock and my pussy with Tony’s cum. I could see that Paul was close when his face began to contort.

  I knew that any second he was going to blow his wad inside me. I encouraged him by telling him to “cum baby, fill me up with your hot juice.” That was all it took. Paul  grabbed my ass tightly and shot his cum in my pussy filling me up.

  I continued to fuck him so I could feel his thick cum sliding past my pussy lips. I begged Tony to come over to me so that I could suck his cock and clean his cum off of his cock. He quickly positioned his cock to my mouth and I saw that he still had cum oozing out of the pee hole.  I greedily liked it off.

  Tony shook as my tongue circled his cock head. He jerked his cock off more releasing one last spurt he saved up.  That spurt shot right up my nose taking me by surprise.

  After a few more strokes Paul collapsed under me and told me that it was great. I got off of him as his soaked cock slid out of my pussy. I licked off the sticky cum from his cock giving it a good tongue bath.

   I told them that they were both great as I got up and put my dress back on. As I shut the bedroom door to leave, I told them that they better clean up before their dad got home. They said that they forgot all about that and they scrambled to put the camera away.

   I went into Mr. Palino’s room to clean my pussy when I heard the front door opening. I heard Mr. Palino call out for me so I ran down stairs to greet him. As I did, I could feel his son’s cum running down my legs.

  I greeted him downstairs with a hug and he asked me how every thing went. I told him his boys were perfect gentlemen and they were no problem to handle. I told him that they were probably asleep in their rooms already.

  He told me how nice the house looked. As he walked into the living room, he made himself a drink. He surprisingly asked me if I would like one saying I probably needed it after watching his wild boys.

  He asked me if I had to run. I told him no and that I’d like one so he made us drinks. As we sat on the couch in the living room I couldn’t help but think of what took place on this couch last night. I also thought of how I was going to approach him about borrowing the car.

  Before I could do or say anything Mr. Palino turned on the T.V. and there it was, the Porno movie. I had forgot to check to see if Tony had put it back. Talk about a loss for words I tried to explain, but Mr. Palino said I see some ones been in my closet.

   I didn’t dare tell him that I let his boys watch Porno’s so I told him that I found the tape last night after the boys went to bed and I was curious. Mr. Palino saw my embarrassment and told me that it was ok. He said that I was old enough to know about sex.

  As the movie continued to play, we both watched as 2 girls were pleasuring a black man. He told me that he would turn it off it bothered me. I took a drink and told him that it didn’t. He asked me if I had ever had sex yet. I choked on the alcohol caught off guard by his question.

   I told him that I had. He then asked me if I had ever made love to another woman. I told him that I experimented once with a friend. He asked me if I liked it and I told him that it was fun.

   I asked him if he had ever had 2 girls at once. He said that he had and it was an experience. Mr. Palino asked me if my boyfriend was there when I was with the other girl. I told him that he wasn’t. He asked me if he had ever asked me to. I told Mr. Palino that I currently didn’t have a boyfriend. He told me that he couldn’t believe that a beautiful girl like me didn’t have a boyfriend.

  He told me how good I looked in the dress I was wearing as he put his hand on my leg. His big hand was firm and warm. I told him thank you and told him that he was a very handsome man.

   As we watched the movie it came to the point where the black man took out his black pole and stuck it in the blonds’ face. She gladly gobbled it up sharing it with the other girl. He asked me if I liked that. I told him that I loved sucking cock more than fucking. He appeared to be surprised by my comment.

  I put my hand on his hand and I asked him if it was true about men and size of their hands being the size of their cocks. He laughed and said he wasn’t sure. I told him that he had big hands. I then reached between his legs and I felt his semi hard cock in his pants. I felt it grow in my hand. I told him that it must be true.

  Mr. Palino began rubbing my leg telling me how nice my legs felt. He continued to rub higher and higher until he found out that I wasn’t wearing any panties. He said that I was a naughty girl. I told him that I hated wearing panties.

  Mr. Palino moved his hand in between my thighs. When his hand reached my pussy lips he let out a moan and commented on how wet my pussy was. I closed my eyes thinking how he would react if I told him that it was his son’s cum he was feeling. I spread my legs more for him so he could get at my pussy better. Mr. Palino leaned over and gave me a deep kiss as he began too undue his pants and pull out his now rock hard cock.

   He took his hands and spread my legs for what I knew was an entry move. I stopped him telling him that we shouldn’t be doing this. He told me that he liked me a lot and that he could tell I wanted him to. I reminded him that he was married. He told me that he and his wife were swingers and they had been with other people before.

   He told me that he really wanted to fuck me for some time and that I drove him crazy. He said that while he was gone on his trip I was the only thing he thought about. He had to have me.

  This was my big chance. I told him that I would fuck him if he did me a favor. He told me whatever it takes he would do it. I asked him if he could let me borrow his car Saturday night. He laughed and told me sure, it’s insured, is that it. I got the impression that he would have let me borrow the car without fucking him.

  I took his cock in my hand and I licked around the rim of its head. His cock was 8" long, but the thickness of his cock was what I was amazed at. I had never had a fat cock before and I wondered if I could be able to get it all in my mouth.

  I opened my mouth wide and I slowly worked his shaft down my throat. I gaged when it hit the back of my throat. My saliva coated his cock as I removed it and then quickly went down on him again.

  He took his hand and grabbed my hair and held my head down on his cock. It filled my mouth to the point of where I could feel it stretching around it. I began to gag again and he let my head up. I left a string of spit attached to his cock and my lips. I wrapped my hand around it and I stroked his cock slowly as I continued to suck him. My hand could barely get around it.

  I found myself totally lost in the moment of my sucking his fat cock. My breathing increased and I began to moan in the excitement I was getting from it. I must have had an effect on him as well because I felt some salty cum in my mouth. I knew that if I wanted to feel this cock in me I better stop now.

   I got up and he laid down on the floor. I straddled him and I positioned my self over his fat long pole. As I squatted over his cock I reached down and rubbed his cock head on my clit and cum soaked pussy. He grabbed my hips and forced me down on his cock. I immediately felt a shock run through my body that I can only describe as pure ecstasy. I gave out a cry of pleasure as I began to slowly ride his cock.

  Every time I pulled up on him I felt the same rush of pleasure. I felt his cock fill every inch of my pussy. His son’s cum mixed with mine giving me a natural lubrication to accommodate his father’s cock.

  I increased my rise and fall on his cock. Then he grabbed my ass and drove into me like a jack hammer. I felt like I was going to pass out as I reached one orgasm after another. His cock slammed into my pussy like he was trying to force himself inside me. When he stopped, I collapsed on top of him. He lifted me up and laid me down on the carpet.

  I told him that I wanted to taste him. He moved up to my face and presented his cock to me. I saw that his shaft was coated in white cream from my pussy. I quickly began to lick his shaft like a popsicle taking all of his son’s and my cum off. I could taste the tangy cocktail mix. I eagerly gobbled his cock down my throat making sure I got every drop off of his cock.

  I reached down between my legs and fingered myself as I sucked him. I removed a finger and found that it to was covered in white goo. I put it to my mouth and licked it off.

  He put me on my hands and knees and he positioned himself in back of me and placed his cock at my pussy. He rubbed the head of his cock over my lips and then he plunged it into me till I felt his balls.

  He slowly drove his cock in and out of my wet pussy each time going faster and harder until I felt his balls slapping up against my ass. I told him to fuck me harder. I reached under my legs so I could feel his cock sliding back and forth in my pussy.

  I was moaning so loud he had to remind me that his boys would hear. At this point I didn’t care. I wanted his boys to cum down and see what their father was doing to me.

   Mr. Palino told me that he was going to cum so I asked him where he wanted to shoot his cum at. He told me that he wanted to cum in my pussy, but he was afraid to get me pregnant. I told him it was ok because I was on the pill. I told him that I wanted to feel his hot cum inside me.

  With that he gave my pussy a few more hard pounding’s and then his body stiffened up and I he gave out a muffled grunt. I could feel his seed gushing into my pussy filling me up.

  As he continued to slide his cock in my pussy, I could feel the warm cum escaping out and down my ass. I reached under me again so I could feel it and his cock covered in gooey cum as he pulled out and plunged back in slowly.

  He pulled it out of my sloppy wet pussy and rolled over on the floor next to me. I rolled over on him and I cleaned up his cum covered cock. As I sucked on the head, I got a surprise when he shot a few more squirts of cum into my mouth. I told him that he tasted great. I was so tempted to tell him that he tasted just like his son’s.

  We laid there for a few more minutes until we heard a door shut upstairs. He jumped up quickly and saying that he hoped his boys didn’t see them.

  He went upstairs to check on them while I got dressed. When he returned, he told me that I shouldn’t tell anyone or we could get in trouble. I told him not to worry that it would be our secret.

  He paid me for house sitting with a little bonus and I asked him if he was serious about my using his car. He told me that he was as long as I was careful and that I was the only one who drove it. I promised and as I left he gave me a hot wet kiss telling me thank you for everything and having fun with him. I told him that if he ever wanted someone to house sit again to just call me. I told him that I loved being with his boys, giving him a wink. He had this puzzled look on his face as I left.

  He kept his word and I took my friends to the concert in his car. I never house sat for him again, but a few years later I ran into him at a party and he told me that he wanted to thank me for my bringing his boys into manhood. I acted like I didn’t know what he was talking about until Mr. Palino described the weekend events to me with intimate details. I laughed I asked him when did he find out.

  He told me that when he found naked pictures of me in their room they spilled the beans. They all agreed that I was great and that they all shared something in common. He told me that if anyone was going to be their teacher he was happy it was me.

Sexually Yours,